Enable vendor relationships and operations that consistently deliver efficiency and excellence.

Our proven best practices and expert knowledge of the BPO landscape can help you source, select, onboard, and manage the performance of a single vendor or intricate network of third-party service providers.

Vendor Selection

Work with our vendor selection experts to capture the most advantageous partnerships that meet your cultural and operational requirements. Optimize your BPO vendor selection process with resources such as:

  • Customized requests for proposal (RFP), request for quotation, business requirement documents (BRD), vendor scorecards, etc.

  • Global benchmark performance analysis

  • RFP process management and contract negotiation

  • Compliance and risk assessment

Vendor Onboarding

Save significant time and effort by utilizing our team to manage the extensive list of vendor onboarding tasks and realize a seamless integration of vendor operations. Trust Insite to direct:

  • Efficient change management

  • Compliance and risk assessment

  • Licensure, insurance, and billing stand-up

  • Procedure policy, and expectation alignment 

Vendor Performance Management & Optimization

Utilize our consulting, training, performance data analysis, thought leadership, and process guidance services to maximize your BPO’s delivery on contracted services and metrics. Empower exceptional vendor performance by:

  • Develop a prioritized matrix of actionable improvements for in-house and vendor processes

  • Training your in-house vendor management team in supplier governance and best practices

  • Utilizing Insite as your BPO manager

  • Benchmarking and tracking capability and performance progress

  • Adopting advanced vendor performance management software and technologies

  • Establishing communication, data analysis, and visibility expectations and cadences