Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Insite’s MegaMap®

Our MegaMap® methodology marries process, touchpoints, and customer data analytics to show the science while visualizing the complete picture. Diving into this data allows us to uncover opportunities within the processes and personas of all involved. When printed, MegaMap® is 5 feet tall and 22 feet long. Proprietary and exclusive to Insite, MegaMap® holds a registered trademark and is currently patent pending.


Insite created MegaMap® as a unique way to merge CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE into a single view. It is a one-of-a-kind visual tool for anyone seeking to IMPROVE EMPLOYEE WORKFLOW, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, PERFORMANCE METRICS, or a SPECIFIC PROCESS. Customer journey mapping can deliver real-time challenges and pain points. The customer needs become visual representations or infographics with visual solutions in front of you. Insite’s proprietary MegaMap® presents a crisp, clear list of takeaways showing a pathway to improvement from start to finish on a single sheet of paper.

The benefits of customer journey mapping provide customer-centric detailed insight for your sales team and service team into the following areas:

  • Customer behavior
  • User experience
  • Next step follow-ups in the customer journey
  • Service blueprints
  • Demographics and psychographics of customers
  • Customer perspective


Your MegaMap® begins with the DISCOVERY PHASE as Insite consultants observe all workflow steps in your contact center or back-office operation. Next, our analysts dive in. We sift through the DATA and compare it to our BENCHMARKS. By analyzing the discoveries between process steps and the data, we DETERMINE ROOT CAUSES and IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES to optimize and increase functionality.

  • Week 1 – Discovery Phase

  • Week 2 – Benchmarking

  • Week 3 – Analysis & Upgrades

  • Week 4 – Discussion

What You Get

Opportunity Index –

The identified opportunities become takeaways, a series of quick hits and longer-term corrections, listed in an easy-to-spot index. Each takeaway icon calls attention to the increase in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and, most importantly, the customer retention metrics produced at each step. We detail each opportunity with the impact, effort, complexity, and cost within this deliverable. Each opportunity that the journey mapping process brings has one or many tactical recommendations for your team members and business leaders to implement.

Executive Summary-

A summary deck with results, market research, and data compiled for and delivered to an executive or stakeholder audience. Understanding the totality of your current state unlocks what lies ahead and ROI for your future state.


We developed the MegaPlan™ to help prioritize and implement the opportunities for improvement from the Opportunity Index of the MegaMap® evaluation process. The MegaPlan™ can assign an owner and timing to completion while tracking progress along the way.

See How the MegaMap Can Improve Your Contact Center

About MegaPlan

We created the MegaPlan™ to take the opportunities we identified through the MegaMap® and really be that bridge over to the implementation of all the opportunities that we identified.

We developed the MegaPlan™ to help prioritize and implement the opportunities of improvement from the Opportunity Index of the MegaMap® evaluation process. The MegaPlan can assign an owner and timing to completion, while tracking progress along the way. 


MiniMap® isolates a particular contact type and combines processes, data analytics, and performance results to identify opportunities to improve process and customer experience. We remotely observe 200 customer contacts, create a process map, and identify the variations.  Next, we review everything for potential improvements and analyze the data to predict potential savings. Finally, it’s all represented visually as MiniMap® and printed out for you to see.