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The Human Operations Experts®

After years in corporate America, running contact centers and back office operations, Chris Rozum decided to start Insite out of his living room back in 2007, with the sole purpose of becoming the Human Operations Experts®.

What are Human Operations®?

It’s the people – your people. It’s the process – your process. It’s the platforms – your platforms. We bring them all together to deliver insights and outcomes while appreciating the people. We study what your people do and how they operate, share the results, map your path to improvement, and help you implement the best practices and training that will get you there. We have been doing exactly this for a wide range of clients and industries, and we can do it for you.

Executive Team

Insite Managed Solutions
After years in various contact centers and other corporate roles, Chris started Insite in 2007. Throughout his career, Chris has helped companies transform contact centers and back-office operations through a variety of large scale projects. This has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in efficiency improvements.
Todd Insite Mgmt
Todd is a motivated executive with 20+ years of distinguished financial leadership across multiple organizations. At Insite, Todd’s proficiency in analyzing and interpreting operational data helps our company and our clients’ firms create financial models and operational strategies that promote growth, drive revenues, and increase profitability. Todd also excels at  problem solving.
Insite Managed Solutions
Nathan is an Insite partner with over 20 years’ experience driving unparalleled results in companies by improving their Human Operations. As a leader, he has driven best-in-class organizations to deliver great experiences for both employees and customers. Nathan excels at refining customer and employee journeys.
Nathan Flowers, Partner
Dan serves as Chairman at Insite. Dan leverages his extensive background of executive-level decision making, sales leadership, and financial sector involvement to help guide Insite’s success strategies. In his role, he also mentors Senior Leadership at Insite through regular group training exercises and one-on-one coaching.
Dan Smith, Founding Partner & Board Member