We collect historical data from your dashboards and performance reports, gain an understanding of supporting processes, and inventory the technologies in place to create your operational baseline. We overlay this baseline on top of our benchmarks for what’s commonplace vs. best practice to create a Capability Model. This tool gauges the maturity level and current-state growth capabilities of each functional area to pinpoint areas of opportunity. Each functional area is evaluated and scored on a scale from Basic to Distinctive. This visual allows you to identify precisely what is needed to achieve the next level within the area of opportunity.

Leverage the Data

Next, we leverage your data to support and substantiate the observations. The data is benchmarked against high-performing contact centers. Then we map a clear path to your success. By applying your data to our comprehensive understanding of your current capabilities, we provide concrete proof of causation of your current state, pinpoint moments where efficiencies are disrupted or absent, and produce tangible data-backed improvements.