Insite has been providing call center consulting services for over 15 years. Learn how we got our start!

Inside Insite is a series of short, hyper-focused videos examining specific, behind-the-scenes topics. This episode explains where Insite got its start in call center consulting.

In this short video, Insite’s CEO, Chris Rozum, shares his journey from corporate America to the creation of Insite in 2007. With his years of industry experience in contact center operations, Chris began recognizing the need for process improvement, staffing, and workforce management. Call center consulting services were lacking and did not fulfill its clientele’s initiatives and business needs. A higher standard was needed. A better set of methodologies would analyze call center performance metrics and establish benchmark data to deliver breakthrough performance improvements in customer experience and all human operations environments.

Since then, Insite has transformed contact centers, call centers, and back-office operations through its transformative contact center consulting services. With decades of experience optimizing business processes and call center performance management, Insite has seen millions of dollars in efficiency improvements and increased profits for call center operations partnered with Insite.

With Insite’s focus on Human Operations®, you will see your team’s development and a 3X ROI on your investment. Do you need better contact center management, employee retention, contact center technology, and customer satisfaction? It is waiting for you.

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