Finding an AI Technology Provider that’s Right for your Contact Center Operations

Consumers in today’s digital age need to be hypervigilant when choosing the right contact center AI technology platform, as they are constantly bombarded with enticing claims and promises from countless companies. Our CEO and Chief Growth Officer recently attended a conference for industry-leading contact center operations. They met with a vast number of artificial intelligence providers, each touting themselves as the “best” or “first” in their category. With such lofty claims coming from every vendor in the market, selecting a contact center AI platform can be an overwhelming process that leaves businesses feeling lost and confused.


We’re here with the solution to help you weed through the noise to determine which contact center AI platforms can deliver to your needs. Effective due diligence enables you to navigate the AI vendor selection maze to make a well-informed decision that aligns with your contact center AI needs.

What is contact center AI technology?

Contact center artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the application of artificial intelligence technologies within customer service and support operations. AI integrations are implemented to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality of customer interactions while reducing operational costs. Contact center AI involves the use of various techniques and technologies to automate and optimize the diverse aspects of customer support. Some of the most utilized applications of artificial intelligence in call centers include: chatbots and virtual assistants, self-service platforms, and performance reporting and analytics.

7 Things to Assess When Practicing Due Diligence to Choose a Contact Center AI Technology Provider

When selecting a call center artificial intelligence technology platform, start by doing your due diligence. It is critical to evaluate these 7 factors to efficiently assess contact center AI technology providers to ensure you’re selecting the one that best fits your operation.

1. Review the Contact Center AI Provider’s System Compatibility and Integration Features

Ensure the AI platform is compatible with your existing infrastructure and systems. It should seamlessly integrate with your current call center software and hardware to avoid costly and time-consuming implementation efforts.

2. Consider the Scalability of the Contact Center AI Platform

Consider the platform’s ability to scale and accommodate your future needs as your business grows. It should be flexible enough to handle increasing data, users, and transactions without significant performance degradation.

3. Assess the Security and Data Privacy of the Contact Center AI Technology

Security is paramount when dealing with customer-centric platforms. Assess the platform’s security measures, encryption protocols, and compliance with relevant data protection regulations. It should protect sensitive information and safeguard against potential cyber threats.

4. Ensure the Contact Center AI Platform Provides Efficient Training and a Positive User Experience

The platform should be user-friendly and intuitive. It must prioritize contact center accessibility, as it will impact not only the productivity and satisfaction of your team, but also the quality of your customer experience. Adequate training and support resources are required to help users effectively understand and utilize the contact center AI platform. Be sure to thoroughly assess the vendor’s customer support functions and response time to ensure you receive the assistance required to meet your customers’ needs.

5. Evaluate the Performance and Reliability of the Contact Center AI Technology

Evaluate the platform’s performance metrics and uptime guarantees. Downtime or slow response times can disrupt your operations and negatively affect the call center customer experience.

6. Review the Contact Center AI Technology Vendor’s Reputation

Research the reputation and track record of the platform’s vendor. Read customer reviews and seek feedback from other users to gauge their experiences. This is especially helpful in identifying any capability gaps that other user had not anticipated prior to implementation.

7. Consider the Total Cost of Ownership for the Contact Center AI Platform

Consider the long-term expenses associated with the contact center AI technology platform beyond the initial purchase cost. Account for maintenance, updates, licensing, and any additional costs arising during its lifespan.

7 Ways to Evaluate Contact Center AI Technology Vendor Reputations

We’ve presented a lot of things to consider when selecting a contact center AI technology provider, so let’s dial in on one of the factors that can help you weed out some of the poor fit vendors with ease: evaluating provider reputation. Assessing contact center AI vendor reputations requires you to conduct thorough research. These 7 approaches can help you get the most out of that process.

1. Look for Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Look for customer reviews and testimonials related to both the vendor and the specific platform you are interested in utilizing. Check websites, forums, and social media platforms for feedback from current and past customers. Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews to get a balanced perspective.

2. Ask the Contact Center AI Technology Vendor for Case Studies and References

Ask the contact center AI vendor for case studies or references from existing clients who have implemented the artificial intelligence platform. Reach out to these references to learn about their experiences, challenges, and overall satisfaction with the vendor’s product and services.

3. Consult Industry Analyst Reports and Research

Consult reputable industry analyst reports and reviews. Analysts often evaluate and compare contact center vendors based on various criteria, providing valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses. Search for news articles, press releases, and media coverage about the vendor. Positive media coverage and industry recognition can indicate a solid reputation.

4. Investigate the Customer Support and Level of Customer Service

Investigate the contact center AI technology vendor’s customer support and service offerings. A vendor with excellent customer service and ongoing support will likely have a positive reputation.

5. Check if the Contact Center AI Vendor Holds Certifications and Awards

Research your vendor to determine if they hold relevant certifications, particularly for integrations and security or compliance requirements. Taking the time to seek out information regarding any prestigious awards or recognition they have received for their products and services can also provide additional validation of their reputation.

6. Assess the Financial Stability of the Contact Center AI Vendor

Assessing the vendor’s financial stability can provide valuable insights into what a long-term partnership might look like. A financially healthy company is likelier to continue supporting and updating their platform as consumer expectations evolve and new technology innovations hit the market.

7. Check the Contact Center AI Vendor’s Better Business Bureau Rating

Whenever applicable, check the contact center AI vendor’s rating with the BBB to gain in-depth insights into their history of customer complaints and how they handle them. This is a good indication of the quality of responsiveness you can expect from the vendor yourself.

You can comprehensively view the vendor’s reputation by considering the information gathered from various sources. Remember, no contact center AI technology vendor will have a perfect reputation. The goal is to identify a vendor whose strengths align with your organization’s needs and requirements.

Ready to find a contact center AI technology vendor that can support your operational success?

We know that navigating the endless list of “best-in-class” contact center AI technology providers can feel daunting. Insite is here to guide you through assessing your current state capabilities, selecting the best-fit vendor, and building and implementing your new artificial intelligence solution. Connect with one of our industry experts and start strategizing to streamline, automate, and optimize your contact center operation for accelerated performance today.

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