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A comprehensive knowledge management platform,
customized to improve your call center.


See why our knowledge management platform, powered by livepro, has been rated 5 stars by hundreds of users.

Our Best Knowledge Management Features


Powerful navigation and search so your team have the right answers at the speed of a click. Improve your First Call Resolution, Average Handling Time, decrease transfers and watch your customer satisfaction rocket.

Periodic Knowledge Review

Flag your content for a regular periodic review, making it easy for you to keep in control and ensure your content is always up-to-date to improve staff confidence.

Scheduled Publication

Prepare and have knowledge approved and ready to publish in advance, ensuring efficiency and increasing speed to market.

Flexible Knowledge Taxonomy

Our permissions management means information is accessed only by the people who need to see it.

Ease of Use

Create and manage a single role for multiple users and make changes to the role, not individual users.

Feedback and Rating

Let your team contribute to the ongoing quality of knowledge. Increase staff motivation and confidence levels. Happy workers = happy customers.


A livepro only feature – the Rocket is our dynamic decision making tool. Simply select your first answer, and a series of new questions will appear based on each new response given. The Rocket cuts through complexity and ensures accuracy every time.


Engage your team with the Quiz feature. A great way to test, build knowledge and learn on the job. Fantastic insight for your learning and development team.


Be certain your team is always up to the date with targeted, timely and relevant updates that automatically remove from view when they are no longer relevant. Speed up communication flow and reduce clogged up inboxes.

Software Integrations

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Software Integrations

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Almost immediately, new starters using livepro performed significantly better than existing staff using our old system.

Andrea Pepper-Edwards, AVANT MUTUAL

We couldn’t be happier with livepro. It’s an essential tool that underpins our commitment to great customer service.

Sean McGinn, ME BANK

We are so pleased we chose livepro for our knowledge management. livepro delivered great results and have turned out to be better partners.

Libby Ewing-Jarvie, DATACOM CONNECT

The Benefits of Our Knowledge Management Platform

livepro Knowledge Management Platform has been primarily built to maximize customer experience and empower your work force to improve customer service satisfaction ratings.

Authoring Workflow

Our workflow system controls who, what and where your authors can contribute knowledge and who approves and publishes it. Reduce costly mistakes and risk to the business.


Our API’s can have you serving your knowledge via your websites, chat, CRM and omni-channel solutions.


livepro helps you understand knowledge utilization as well as team and customer behaviors. Reports deliver marketing insights and help identify training gaps.

Cloud Based

Secure, reliable and scalable, our cloud hosting architecture in AWS offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, continuous deployment, 24 hour monitoring and regular back-ups.

Version Control

Keep full history of your knowledge and see who made changes, what was changed and when. You can also reinstate previous versions. Version control makes compliance easier.

Written Case Studies

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